Announcement: my new blog

Dear readers,

I have built an extension to my web space and have opened another blog. I felt it would be nice to have a place where I can sound off about stuff other than autism, stuff that doesn’t fit in with this blog but would nevertheless be fun to write about. The new blog is just me writing about anything I want, long or short, with pictures or without; passing on something amusing, and ranting about something annoying; going off on my special and not so special interests, without being constrained by a theme; talking about stuff that is going on in my life, if I feel like it. “As my whimsy takes me” (sadly that motto was already taken!).

I’ve only just got it off the ground. There isn’t much yet, and it will probably undergo a few design revisions. But it is open to the public, so if you want to take a look, go here:

My Window Seat

Visitors welcome!

Thank you.


9 thoughts on “Announcement: my new blog

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    1. Well, since one blog is kind of “themed”, I thought I need a separate one for “stuff”. You notice that I didn’t say anything about how often I’ll post…
      I don’t think blogging should be a duty or a chore, so don’t beat yourself up for being “lazy”. Also, it’s always nice to meet you in other web spaces, so even if you don’t post, I know you’re there!


    1. Oh, good point, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s not really an Actually Autistic Blog, is it? But if you think it makes sense, I have no objection. Anyone who reads one blog is welcome to read the other. So if you make space on your list for β€œother stuff these people write”, by all means link it. πŸ™‚

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