Following on from my post on special interests, I have been thinking a bit more about what these interests mean to me and how they might be perceived from the outside. “Special interests” are obliquely referred to in the notorious DSM criteria under Part B3: “Highly restricted, fixated interests that are abnormal in intensity or... Continue Reading →

Extra special

Something is happening in my life. Something good. I can feel it coming – I’m not entirely sure of it yet, but all the signs are there. Yes, dear readers, I think I have a new special interest. All autism bloggers I have read talk about special interests, and a lot of them don’t like... Continue Reading →

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was enjoying my first morning in Manhattan, the beginning of a holiday I’d dreamed about for years. After years of being obsessed first with Law and Order: Criminal Intent, then with Person of Interest, with a large side of CSI:NY, of course I had to see the place for myself.... Continue Reading →

Death of a thousand cuts

(note: this is not actually about death) Yesterday I popped into the local library in my lunchbreak. When I’m there, I usually have a quick look on the “medical” shelf, to see if anything autism-related has turned up that I haven’t read yet. This is a small library, so I’ve read all the interesting ones,... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Kind of Snow

UK readers of a certain age will remember the winter when a lot of trains were cancelled, and the train company (I believe it was still British Rail at the time) was widely ridiculed for blaming it on “the wrong kind of snow”. Well, as I learned many years later from a fascinating TV programme... Continue Reading →

Testing myself: the Aspie Quiz

This is something I have been thinking about for a while, but it was this post on The Silent Wave that prompted me to sit down and write it all up. The post talks about AQ test scores going up after self-discovery as autistic, hence the title ‘More autistic’ after Aspergers/autism diagnosis/discovery? The AQ test will... Continue Reading →

The Pleasure of Things

When you read about autistic traits, you somehow read a lot about lining things up. Apparently autistic kids tend to line up their toys instead of playing with them. One blogger describes an a-ha! moment when reading Tony Attwood on how girls line up their dolls and recognising that that’s what she did (sadly I... Continue Reading →

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