Why I worry, and how I might possibly stop worrying for a bit

It is not a secret that I spend a lot of my time worrying. Most of the time I meet the outside world with fear and anxiety, and my brain is forever spooling off all kinds of horrible possibilities and consequences. I have written before how I always think that others know everything so much better... Continue Reading →


Blue Sunday

This weekend was a bit of a disappointment to say the least, and I’m going to write a whole post about it because it’s my blog and I can! My mood has been only just about okay-ish all week – my mood tracker tells me that it’s been "meh" most days, with a dip into... Continue Reading →

Self-care or chickening out?

So, here’s the situation: the museum I work for has lent a large, valuable item to another museum several hundred miles away. Months of work have gone into the organisation of this loan, but now the borrower’s exhibition is about to open, and, as a courtesy, I have been invited to the opening event. I... Continue Reading →

One Year and Counting

I’ve been blogging here for a year now – well, not exactly to the day, but I didn’t have a post ready for the “blogiversary” and I had to think of something to say. I believe some kind of retrospective or stocktaking is customary at a juncture like this. So where do I stand? When... Continue Reading →

Aspie Moments #6: Moving

This happened this morning, one of the little moments that almost convince me that I’m actually autistic, because I think a neurotypical person would have reacted in a different way. Anyway, this is what happened: It was a cold night and a cold morning, and everybody was scraping away at their windscreens. My car, however,... Continue Reading →

Spoon Thieves!

I hadn’t heard of Spoon Theory before I started reading blogs by autistic people, but I was quite taken by it. It’s just a neat way of describing something that would otherwise be difficult to convey. And, pictorial thinker that I am, I have in my mind a picture of an actual cutlery drawer with... Continue Reading →

Secret Knowledge

One of the things that make my life difficult and me unhappy is that I don’t trust myself. I have no confidence in my abilities and skills. It seems to me that everyone around me is more competent, more confident, more “put together” and in charge of their lives. That is probably partly an illusion,... Continue Reading →

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