The Pleasure of Things

When you read about autistic traits, you somehow read a lot about lining things up. Apparently autistic kids tend to line up their toys instead of playing with them. One blogger describes an a-ha! moment when reading Tony Attwood on how girls line up their dolls and recognising that that’s what she did (sadly I... Continue Reading →

Aspie Moments #2: Walking off the chart

This weekend I bought the latest issue of “Country Walking” magazine. I’ve been reading that publication on and off for years. I do enjoy walking and nature and the countryside, although there are reasons why I don’t actually take that many country walks, but that’s for another post. What I really wanted to tell you... Continue Reading →

The Tyranny of “Should”

“Why would you want to be restricted by a label?” is a question which apparently is often asked when people identify themselves as autistic. “Why would you even want that?” And indeed, I have lived for over 40 years without such a label. So why the sudden effort to label myself as Aspie/autistic now? I... Continue Reading →

A Sunday afternoon stroll

It’s Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining, it is warm – finally a proper Spring day. I decide to go outside for a walk. The day before when I went to the shops I spotted a beautiful mushroom but I didn’t have a camera, so now I take my phone with me to take a... Continue Reading →

Aspie Moments #1

This is not a proper post, just a little thing that happened to me today and which is too long to squeeze into a tweet. And #1, because I anticipate that there will be more of these moments for me to report on. So, my colleague has been developing new signage for our workplace, and... Continue Reading →

How I got to where I am

I think it started 10 years ago with an article in The Guardian. I don’t remember the article, but it must have been about Baron-Cohen’s Extreme Male Brain theory of autism, because linked to the article on the Guardian website was the AQ test. (Aside: I don't want to start a discussion on the merits... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of this blog

Let me start with my mission statement. As others have before me, I have, in middle age, come to a realisation that I might possibly be autistic. But of course, it’s not a case of just realising, and then you are. You have to take a good look at yourself, the way you are, the... Continue Reading →

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