Hello, dear Reader!

Pleased to welcome you here. Let me introduce myself:

I am a middle-aged European female living in the UK. Since most of what I hear, see and read every day is in English, most of what I write, including this page, is in English, too, even though that is not my native language. It adds another layer of anonymity which I have chosen to hide behind. This blog is about the real me and my real life, but it contains thoughts and feelings which even the people closest to me don’t know about. So, paradoxically, I stay hidden in order to reveal myself.

But of course close observation would uncover quite a few things about me. You might put me down as a bit of geek if you saw my tiny Spock and tinier Enterprise on my desk. You might notice that I’m usually found with my nose in a book, both fiction (crime thrillers are a favourite) and non-fiction (history, psychology, science – I hoover it all up). You might find that I have a similar taste in television, judging from my David Attenborough, Numb3rs and Law and Order:Criminal Intent boxsets. You might find it hard to pin down my taste in music if you could hear that I listen to a classical music station, a local pop station, an oldies station and the BBC Asian Network all in a single day.

There are many facets to my personality. However, in this blog, I shine a spotlight on just one of those facets and examine the rainbow refracted through it. And you are welcome to examine it with me.

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