Aspie Moments: The Conference

This is a slightly longer story than just a “moment”, but I’ve been using this header to indicate that I’m going to talk about something specific that’s been happening in my life. On one weekend in October, I had a double whammy: first, a work-related conference, and then a weekend meeting of one of the... Continue Reading →

Travelling into my comfort zone

(This post serves simply to tell you what I did on my holidays and to sing the praises of my favourite place in the world.) Travelling usually involves going out of my comfort zone. I do it because the payoff makes the investment of stress and anxiety worthwhile. This happened last year when I went... Continue Reading →

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was enjoying my first morning in Manhattan, the beginning of a holiday I’d dreamed about for years. After years of being obsessed first with Law and Order: Criminal Intent, then with Person of Interest, with a large side of CSI:NY, of course I had to see the place for myself.... Continue Reading →

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