Good with computers?

I remember a John Callahan cartoon of a man begging on a street corner with a little sign: "Please help! I’m blind and black but not musical". There has been more and more about employing autistics in recent years, but almost every time I read something about that I am reminded of that cartoon. A... Continue Reading →


Following on from my post on special interests, I have been thinking a bit more about what these interests mean to me and how they might be perceived from the outside. “Special interests” are obliquely referred to in the notorious DSM criteria under Part B3: “Highly restricted, fixated interests that are abnormal in intensity or... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Kind of Snow

UK readers of a certain age will remember the winter when a lot of trains were cancelled, and the train company (I believe it was still British Rail at the time) was widely ridiculed for blaming it on “the wrong kind of snow”. Well, as I learned many years later from a fascinating TV programme... Continue Reading →

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