Running on fumes

I’ve been re-thinking Spoon Theory and how it applies to me recently. I wrote about spoons before, but I have come to the conclusion that Spoon Theory doesn’t really reflect what I experience. The way I understand it, you start the day with a set number of spoons, and when you have used them all... Continue Reading →

Only connect

Recently Laina posted about her Jukebox App which is firmly installed in her brain. I, too, have a Jukebox App. Sadly, I have very little control over it. Something is playing most of the time, but not because I have requested it. It gets triggered by something I read, or something I hear. Sometimes the connection... Continue Reading →

The Autistic Pride Award

This is something Laina came up with for her 500th post on The Silent Wave. First up, let me repeat her really simple rules: Whoever wants to participate, participate.  I’m focusing primarily on Asperger’s/autistic people, of course, but anyone who supports autistic people and neurodiversity is welcome! Do link back to the blogger who gave you... Continue Reading →


Following on from my post on special interests, I have been thinking a bit more about what these interests mean to me and how they might be perceived from the outside. “Special interests” are obliquely referred to in the notorious DSM criteria under Part B3: “Highly restricted, fixated interests that are abnormal in intensity or... Continue Reading →

Extra special

Something is happening in my life. Something good. I can feel it coming – I’m not entirely sure of it yet, but all the signs are there. Yes, dear readers, I think I have a new special interest. All autism bloggers I have read talk about special interests, and a lot of them don’t like... Continue Reading →

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