Mild and severe autism – my theory

I mentioned in a previous post that I regard the distinction between “mild” and “severe” autism as something of a fallacy, and I promised to say more about it. I will do so now. I am not alone in saying that this distinction is false. It always comes up in the “you are not like... Continue Reading →

A Word On Words

Since I’ve been blogging for over a year now, I thought it was time I laid out my position on the various autism-related words I’ve been using. This is also partly in reaction to a post on the Liberty of Thinking blog, and this post on Autism and Expectations, but also in general to all the other... Continue Reading →

The Undeserving Autistic

One big obstacle on my way to a self-diagnosis is the thought that it would be very difficult for me to get an official diagnosis if I tried for one. Of course, self-diagnosis is valid – I firmly believe that, for others and for myself. However, there is the nagging question: if no one else... Continue Reading →

The Tyranny of “Should”

“Why would you want to be restricted by a label?” is a question which apparently is often asked when people identify themselves as autistic. “Why would you even want that?” And indeed, I have lived for over 40 years without such a label. So why the sudden effort to label myself as Aspie/autistic now? I... Continue Reading →

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