Travelling into my comfort zone

(This post serves simply to tell you what I did on my holidays and to sing the praises of my favourite place in the world.) Travelling usually involves going out of my comfort zone. I do it because the payoff makes the investment of stress and anxiety worthwhile. This happened last year when I went... Continue Reading →

Please hold

This is one of those posts where you don't talk about a subject, but just about stuff that's going on in your life. I came back from holiday 2 weeks ago, and I feel like I've never been away. My holiday was very relaxing, I went to a familiar place, so I could get away... Continue Reading →

Only connect

Recently Laina posted about her Jukebox App which is firmly installed in her brain. I, too, have a Jukebox App. Sadly, I have very little control over it. Something is playing most of the time, but not because I have requested it. It gets triggered by something I read, or something I hear. Sometimes the connection... Continue Reading →

The Autistic Pride Award

This is something Laina came up with for her 500th post on The Silent Wave. First up, let me repeat her really simple rules: Whoever wants to participate, participate.  I’m focusing primarily on Asperger’s/autistic people, of course, but anyone who supports autistic people and neurodiversity is welcome! Do link back to the blogger who gave you... Continue Reading →

Extra special

Something is happening in my life. Something good. I can feel it coming – I’m not entirely sure of it yet, but all the signs are there. Yes, dear readers, I think I have a new special interest. All autism bloggers I have read talk about special interests, and a lot of them don’t like... Continue Reading →

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was enjoying my first morning in Manhattan, the beginning of a holiday I’d dreamed about for years. After years of being obsessed first with Law and Order: Criminal Intent, then with Person of Interest, with a large side of CSI:NY, of course I had to see the place for myself.... Continue Reading →

Aspie Moments #2: Walking off the chart

This weekend I bought the latest issue of “Country Walking” magazine. I’ve been reading that publication on and off for years. I do enjoy walking and nature and the countryside, although there are reasons why I don’t actually take that many country walks, but that’s for another post. What I really wanted to tell you... Continue Reading →

A Sunday afternoon stroll

It’s Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining, it is warm – finally a proper Spring day. I decide to go outside for a walk. The day before when I went to the shops I spotted a beautiful mushroom but I didn’t have a camera, so now I take my phone with me to take a... Continue Reading →

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