Aspie Moments #1

This is not a proper post, just a little thing that happened to me today and which is too long to squeeze into a tweet. And #1, because I anticipate that there will be more of these moments for me to report on.

So, my colleague has been developing new signage for our workplace, and came to me to ask for my opinion on his revised draft. He said: “You know when you walk into the gallery and face the door, and you’ve got the big T-shaped sign up ahead and the other one as you walk in…”

Obviously, by this point he had already lost me. This sort of verbal description of a physical space is something I really struggle with. Add to that that I was a bit hazy about what the T-shaped and the other sign were and where “up ahead” was meant to be, well, you can imagine I was quite confused.

But I also had a solution. I shoved a piece of paper and a pencil under his nose and said: “I’ve no idea what you’re on about. Diagram, please.”

And he made me one. Just a quick pencil scribble, but I instantly grasped what space he was talking about, and that by “up ahead” he meant “in front”, not several feet above floor level. I could give him my opinion, and everyone was happy.

Best of all, he didn’t find it strange or funny that I wanted a diagram. I told him that verbal descriptions for me go in one ear and out the other, and he just said “yes, some people are just more visual than others”, and that was that.

I have lovely colleagues!

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